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Designer: Humzee

A Celtic queen who led her in revolt against the mighty Roman Empire. She was a gifted strategist and was described as having superior intelligence and wit. She represents the power of the mind!

Costume Prices

Frontline Female - $7,645 ($1,176 USD)
Includes: Body wear, arms, legs, feathered backpack and tiara
- Add Feathered Headpiece -$2,000 ($308 USD)
- Add Feathered Legs - $750 ($115 USD)
Backline Option 1 - $5,245 ($807 USD)
Includes: bra, belt, arms and leg pieces, bikini bottom and tiara
Backline Option 2 - $5,345 ($822 USD)
Includes: Whole Piece, bra, arms, leg pieces, and tiara
- Add Feathered Collar $650 ($100 USD)
Male $4,375 ($673 USD)
Includes: headband, chest and arm pieces, board shorts and belt
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