Entice Carnival - FAQ's

Your questions answered.

What are the mas camp's opening hours?
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Where can Entice's costumes be viewed?
Costumes can be viewed at the Entice Mas Camp, Alberto Place, Woodbrook or on the costumes page

When does registration begin for the upcoming year?
Registration begins on August 7th, 2017 at the Mas Camp

What do I need for costume registration?
Registration will be strictly by invitation only. All masqueraders should contact a committee member for invitations to register.

What are the down payments for costumes and when do I need to pay it?
Downpayments are due at registration to complete the process and the amounts are as follows:
Male - TTD$1800, Backline - TTD$1800, Frontline - TTD$3000
All costume "ADD ON's" must be paid in full upon registration to complete the process.

What methods of payment does Entice accept?
At the Mas Camp, Entice Carnival accepts cash and LINX only.

What does my all inclusive package include?
Your Entice Packages includes: Your Costume, Free Premium Drinks on both days, Breakfast on Carnival Tuesday, Lunch on both days, Security, Phenomenal Road Party

Can I order extras with my costumes?
The availability of extras will depend on the costume. View the costume page for a list of the options available.

Does Entice provide Monday wear?
Entice Carnival Does not provide Monday wear, however Monday wear may be available from affiliates.

I have purchased a costume from another masquerader, how do I transfer the costume to my name?
Entice Carnival does not change the name on existing registrations. If the owner of the costume wishes to sell their costume, they must provide the purchaser with:
Original Costume Receipt, Signed transfer letter, Clear copy of owner's ID. (Name and signature on ID must match those on receipt and transfer letter.