Joan of Arc

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Joan of Arc

Designer: Kristen Camacho & Lauren Castillo

A French powerhouse, Joan of Arc rallied troops across France, always suited in armor challenging her enemies. She represents the strength of our band!

Costume Prices

Frontline Options $7,395 ($1,138 USD)
Includes: Bodywear Choose (2 Piece or Whole piece)
Choose (Feathered Backpack or Feathered Headpiece)
Arms( gloves), legs, and tiara

- Add Feathered Headpiece or Backpack to either option $2,500 ($385 USD)
Backline Option - $4,995 ($768 USD)
Includes: bra, belt, arms and leg pieces, mid section tie, bikini bottom and tiara
- Add Feathered Collar $650 ($100 USD)
Male $4,125 ($635 USD) SOLD OUT
Includes: headband, chest and arm pieces, board shorts and belt

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